Member Stamp Shows Membership Registration And SubscribingAs a member of Western Illinois Beekeepers Association (WIBA) you can learn, teach, and share your experiences as a beekeeper. Annual Membership dues are $20 per family or per voting member (if say, and husband and wife would both like to have voting rights). Here are some of the benefits of being a member of WIBA. Click here for the membership application.

Illinois State Beekeepers Association:

As a member of Western Illinois Beekeepers Association a portion of dues ($10) go towards membership of the Illinois State Beekeepers Association.  Click here to see some of the benefits of ISBA membership.


Western Illinois Beekeepers Association meets regularly the 3rd Tuesday of the month and other times for special gatherings..

Discounts on Journals:

Beekeeping journals are available to Western Illinois Beekeepers Association members at a substantially reduced rate.  At this time publications include American Bee Journal.


We periodically do group buys to get the best price and reduce cost for members.

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