Meeting Minutes December 20, 2016

Western IL Beekeepers Meeting

Minutes December 20, 2016


Elections:  The first order of business was to elect new officers for 2017.  Ron graciously offered to serve another term as president.  Herb made the motion; Diane seconded it.  Motion passed.  Diane nominated Rick Camp to be vice president; Mike seconded motion passed.

The slate of officers for 2017 is:

President – Ron Arteaga

Vice President – Rick Camp

Treasurer – Mike Kraynak

Beginning Balance 11/15/16:                       $ 4,663.59
Deposit Dues and ABJ 11/16/16:                $    465.50
Check # 1049  – ABJ                                   $ (  175.50)
Check # 1050 – Hardeman’s Deposit        $  (4,093.13)
Balance                $      860.46

Thanks much to  Mike who has kept such good track of our funds.  This is the
first year that the income from dues was enough to pay for the deposit for
our bees.  Let’s keep up the good work and continue to increase our

Secretary – Diane Kroll

Becky moved to accept the slate; Mike seconded.  Motion passed

Ron asked that anyone interested in being a Director to please contact him.  We need 4 Directors on the board.


Bee Orders: Ron found out the cost of bees from Dadant – $130/package for Italians.  If we have a big enough order they will come down to $120.

We discussed how many packages we might need.  Last year we ordered 150 packages and that was too many.  We decided to order 100 packages and to go with Hardeman again.  The cost of Italians is $100/package and Russians are $105/package.  We will order 15 Russian and 15 Italian queens.  Queens are $25 for Italians and $28 for Russians. We may be able to get Carniolans later in the spring; many keepers requeen in May.  CF Conan and Ebert’s both sell queens from California.

Membership:  Mike discussed the cost of membership.  We are keeping membership the same again this year:  $20 for individuals and $30 for a family.  The cost of membership in the Illinois Beekeepers Assoc. is included in our membership fee.  However – the cost of the American Beekeepers Journal is going up.  If we get the order in before January 1 the cost will remain the same but there will be an increase from $21.00/ year to $23.80 per year.  If you order a three year subscription you can save more:  $56.25 is the current price and after the first of the year it will rise to $ 63.75.  ORDER EARLY, FOLKS!!!

We also reminded everyone that you must be a member of the Western IL Beekeepers to order bees.

Adjourn:  Since we had no more business; and we were tempted by all of the food that folks brought to share, we adjourned celebrated another great year.  Motion was made by Ed and seconded by Mike.  LET’S  EAT!!!

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