Meeting Minutes November 15, 2016

Western IL Beekeepers Meeting

Minutes November 15, 2016


Our exalted leader was not with us; so there was no Executive Board meeting and no president’s report.

Treasurer’s Report:  We have $4,663.59 in our treasury.   Mike reminded us that dues are due by the end of December

Secretary’s Report:  Let Diane know if you have any updates on your email or other information.

Old Business: The price of bees has gone up.  We decided to continue with Hardeman because we have had a good relationship with them.  Dadant gave us a price of $110.00; we will know how much Hardeman will charge by our next meeting.  We ordered too many packages last year and we discussed cutting our order.  We will take a count in December and then decide how many packages to get.

We asked Lily to talk to her friends about the junior beekeeping program.  We will start to recruit new keepers after the holidays.

Officers for Next Year:  Mike is going to find out if Bill wants to serve as president next year.  If not, we need to find another person to serve.  Diane and Mike will continue as Secretary and Treasurer.

New Business:  Reminder that our December meeting is a holiday get together.  Please bring a snack or something to share.  The club will provide plates, napkins, etc.

For the Good of the Cause:  You can control hive beetles by putting a Swiffer pad on top of the frames – in the corner of the top hive body. The bees will force the beetles up toward the pad where they will get stuck.  Take the pad out and kill the beetles.

Someone asked about checking for Foulbrood.  The hive will have a terrible smell.  Put a toothpick in brood cell.  Pull it out.  If it is Foulbrood the toothpick will show slimy and stringy.

You can open the hive on a warmer day – but it cannot be windy. You can tell which bees will not survive the winter because they look old – have no hair and are darker in color.  We will see a bit more decline in the next weeks.   The younger bees will go through the winter.

Start feeding your bees fondant and bee patties.  Generally the bees are in the upper hive body now.  Someone asked if they should rotate their hive bodies.  The answer is  NO!!  

Betsy moved to adjourn; Diane seconded.  We adjourned at 7:40pm




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  • Bee Order
  • Holiday Fun!



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