Meeting Minutes September 20, 2016

Meeting MinutesWestern IL Beekeepers Meeting

Minutes September 20, 2016


We did not have a Board Meeting.


No president’s report as Ron was busy “walking his daughter down the aisle”! Congratulations Ron and Jan!


Treasurer’s Report:  We have $4,663.59 in the treasury.


Secretary’s Report:  Our membership roster is up to date


Old Business:  Junior Bee Keeping Program –  One of the junior keepers has lost her hive but will try again next year.  Anne will contact the junior keeper who did a 4-H project on her bees.  We also discussed the process of selecting junior keepers for next year and came up with the following guidelines:

  1. Applicants must be at least 10 years old
  2. The applicants can be from Knox, Warren, and Henry counties.
  3. Applicants must submit an essay to the club to tell why they want a bee hive
  4. Once selected the Jr. Keepers must sign an agreement which includes:
  5. Jr. Keepers must attend at least 2 meetings per year to let us know how they are doing.


The WIB will ensure the following:

  1. We will appoint one person as “Chief Mentor” to the Jr. Beekeeping program
  2. Each Jr. Keeper will be assigned an individual mentor who will be available for advice support and help in handling their hive and harvesting their honey.


New Business: Mike Kraynak talked about the Monarch Butterfly program that was held at Lake Storey.  He estimated that there were between 400-500 people who attended. Mike did a table display about beekeeping and there were many people interested in keeping bees.  We discussed the club having a table set up next year with a banner and an educational display and materials.  We need to get a WIB banner!


Rick Camp gave a demonstration about how to test for varroa mites. He takes ½ cup of bees (dead) and puts them in a jar with 2 Tbsp. of powder sugar.  Shake them and count the mites that come off of them.  If the mite to bee ratio is high; treat for varroa.


We also discussed the honey harvest.  Many keepers didn’t get any honey or had very little.  Keepers who processed earlier in the summer did pretty well.  It seems the bees started eating honey earlier this year.  Some thought it was because there was so much rain that there has been less nectar for the bees to eat.  Goldenrod is on now, but we are at the end of the season for food gathering.  Keepers should be feeding their bees now.


FINALLY, HONEY TASTING!!  Lots of keepers brought their honey and we sure enjoyed it.  One of Mike Kraynak’s offerings was a dark, luscious berry honey.  We had darker honey, lighter honey – but one thing was sure –  all of it was DELISH!


Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 18, 2016


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