Meeting Minutes October 18, 2016

Western IL Beekeepers Meeting

Minutes October 18, 2016


Exec. Board Meeting

Pres. Ron called the meeting to order.  We discussed the rumor that Canton was spraying for the Zika Virus and the possible affect on bees in that area.  We were not able to confirm the report.  We also discussed the upcoming bee purchase for our club.  We did have some problems with Hardeman’s but we have a good relationship with them.  They also give us a very good price.  At the November meeting we will take a count to see how big our order will be.  We purchased too many last year and we don’t want to be in that situation again.

We also discussed officers for next year.  VP  Bill has a new job and just got married.  Ron will follow up with him

Full  Board Meeting

President Ron opened the meeting by congratulating us for the 5th year of the WIBA.  Let’s keep going strong! We discussed officers for next year.  Anyone interested in an office should contact a current officer

Treasurer’s report –  We have $4,663.59 in our treasury.  Our association dues will be the same as last year and are due by January

Secretary report – Diane made 3 mistakes in the minutes for September!  I will get my head in the game and do better!

Old Business – Hardeman will publish prices in late November.  We will take count at the December meeting and place our order

We discussed the Junior Beekeeper program and amended the list of counties where we will recruit jr. keepers.  We removed Henry County from the list, leaving the list of counties as:: Henderson, Mercer, Knox, Fulton and McDonough.  Motion was made by Betsy and seconded by Becky.  The motion passed.  Becky reported that Junior Keeper Lily is doing well and managing her hive by herself.  She has gained confidence and knowledge.  Great job, Lily!

New Business

FEED YOUR BEES!!  There is little food out there for the bees and many have started to eat their stored honey early.  The rain we  had this summer washed much of the nectar and pollen away so we need to start feeding and continue to feed through the winter.

Other winter chores: Last mite treatments should be done now; Make sure the bees have enough food.  When winter hits they will need fondant, bee patties or other supplements. Make sure you put in your entrance reducers and mouse guards.  When taking off supers/used frames be sure to put your frames in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any wax moth larvae.  After taking them out of the freezer, store them with Paradichlorobenzene (PDB) flakes (NOT regular moth balls!) flakes on a paper plate to prevent any  infestation

Hive beetles can be another problem for bee hives.  Nematodes are microscopic roundworms found living naturally in most soils.  They can be used to keep hive beetles from infesting a hive. Beneficial nematodes are used by applying them to the soil while suspended in water. They may be applied as a pressurized spray or simply poured from a watering can.  This will prevent hive beetles from getting into the hive.  You can purchase nematodes from a variety of sources online.

For the good of the cause

We briefly discussed solar melters to melt wax to harvest wax from the frames.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:10.  Motion made by Becky and seconded by Betsy.

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