Meeting Minutes August 16, 2016

Meeting MinutesWestern Illinois Beekeepers Meeting August 16, 2016

Meeting was called to order at 7pm.

President’s report: Thank you to Betsy Larson for hosting our summer picnic. Although it was warm, everyone had a nice time. We approved to buy frames for the jr. beekeepers program, secured foundations sheets and refurbished hive bodies. Will have 3 hives for next year’s jr. beekeepers. Will have to decide on essays and how to judge them. Galesburg parks and recreation is hosting a monarch migration festival at lakeside nature center on south lake story road on September 10.

Treasurer’s report: 3 new members, balance of $4663.59.

Old business: Discussed how to advertise the jr. beekeepers program. Mike will get an application form for next meeting. Will discuss how and to whom to advertise. Suggestions were 4H, FFA, and local schools. Also we will need to decide on an age range for the applicants. It was also suggested that the beekeepers return the equipment if they decide to discontinue beekeeping so that we can sponsor another jr. beekeeper. We will reach out next spring for the applicants.

Discussion: We discussed how much of the frames need to be capped before harvesting the honey. Around 90% seemed to be enough to be able to harvest. Some thought the nectar flows are almost over for the season. Jim Wellwood the the new bee inspector for our region. We also discussed honey and pollen bound hives and how to address those problems. Harvesting the honey and removing the pollen bound frames and replacing with frames with more room for the queen to lay were suggested. Several members talked about how they process wax cappings by rinsing well, filtering through cheesecloth or panty hose, then melting in a double boiler or solar oven. Some beekeepers are reporting an increase of hive beetles but not as many varroa mite infestations. Nematodes can be used to kill off the hive beetles. Also, it was suggested to store drawn wax with paracherobin (sp?) moth ball type pellets to keep out wax moths. There is one more time to treat for varroa mites before fall. Optimum temp for treating is 55 to 85 degrees. It is also time to start shrinking hives for winter and rotate brood boxes when the queen is in the upper brood box.

Next meeting on Tuesday, September 20, bring honey from your hives and we will have a honey tasting.

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