Meeting Agenda Tuesday September 20, 2016

Western Illinois Beekeepers Meeting Agenda  Tuesday  September 20, 2016   1. President’s Report 2. Treasurer’s Report 3. Secretary’s Report/ Roster updates 4. Old Business A. Bee order for 2017 B.  Junior beekeeping program 5. Discussion A.  Honey!!!!  Harvest, bottling, yield…. TASTING! 6.  New Business 7.  For the good of the … Continue reading

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Meeting Minutes August 16, 2016

Western Illinois Beekeepers Meeting August 16, 2016 Meeting was called to order at 7pm. President’s report: Thank you to Betsy Larson for hosting our summer picnic. Although it was warm, everyone had a nice time. We approved to buy frames for the jr. beekeepers program, secured foundations sheets and refurbished … Continue reading

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