Meeting Agenda for Tuesday April 19, 2016

Western Illinois Beekeepers Meeting Agenda Tuesday April 19, 2016 1. President’s Report 2. Treasurer’s Report 3. Secretary’s Report/ Roster updates – Diane’s not here today! Betsy Larsen is taking notes. Thanks, Betsy! 4. Old Business A. Bee Distribution – How did it go? 1. Queen Losses B. Junior Beekeeping program … Continue reading

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Meeting Minutes March 15, 2016

Western IL Beekeepers Meeting Minutes March 15, 2016 WIBA Executive Board Meeting    The Board approved an expenditure of $54 to put an ad in the Penny Saver for one week.  The PS covers Warren, Knox and Henderson Counties.  We hope to encourage folks to join us and also we … Continue reading

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Packed Bees Pickup – Monday April 11th

Our bees are eager to get to their new hives!    Ron got word today that the bees are ready!  He is leaving tomorrow evening for Georgia and will pick up the bees over the weekend.  Bees will be ready for pickup on:   Monday, April 11 9:00 a.m. – … Continue reading

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