January 2016 Meeting Minutes

Meeting MinutesWIBA Executive Board Meeting 1/19/16

President Ron called the meeting to order.  He said he would ask the membership at the full meeting to contact him if anyone is interested in being a director.  He will be ordering bees and hoping to get them in by April 15.   Ron will be picking the bees up in Georgia again this year.  THANK YOU, RON!  The estimated cost to the club for covering the bees and Ron’s expenses is $13, 365.75.  Motion to approve the expenditure was made by Secretary Diane and was seconded by Past President Ed.  Motion passed.  We also discussed the $30 that was previously approved by the group to purchase door prizes for each meeting.  It was agreed that VP Bill would pick out some stuff from Dadant’s when we goes there.

Full Board Meeting 1/19/16

Ron called the meeting to order and welcomed our speaker, Mike Ross, from Dadant’s.  He reminded members that membership forms are due.  Forms can be obtained from Mike.

Treasurer’s Report:  We have $986.09 in the treasury.  We will be bringing in more money as members purchase bees.

Secretary’s Report: Please notify Diane of any changes to your contact information.  She will get a new roster out in a month or so.  She will also bring raffle tickets to the next meeting for the door prizes.

Old Business:  Bees are ordered!!   Here is the breakdown:

  • 100 packages of Italians
  • 50 packages of Russians
  • 25 extra Italian queens
  • 25 extra Russian queens

We will get a firm date for pick up as we get into spring.   We also discussed having a program in March to show new keepers how to install their bees, set up their hives, etc.  Another suggestion was some instruction on how to make and repair frames, hives and perform other maintenance tasks.  Herb will work on the three hives donated by Sean’s boss.  A general discussion ensued regarding parts needed and who might have some. We will need frames and foundation to put into the hives being refurbished for our junior beekeepers program.  We need 60 frames.  Bob offered to swap

We continue work on ways to reach out to new beekeepers.  On January 26 Matt Dutton from the Review Atlas will be doing an article on the WIBA.  He will be visiting Bob Frey’s apiary.

New Business:  Matt Ross from Dadant’s spoke to us about nutrition for bees.  He also explained that the ability to digest the protein offered is crucial to the health of bees and that different formulas are needed in the winter and then in the spring to stimulate brood rearing. It was a very interesting and informative program.  Matt brought us samples of Dadant’s new bee patties.  Bees need protein and new products such as AP23 include artificial protein developed by Dadant’s researchers. Matt also donated the book, The hive and the Honey Bee for our library.

Herb informed us that we need parts hives that are being refurbished for our junior beekeepers program. Bob will swap out some of his foundation to help the cause and a motion was made by Diane and seconded by Donny that the club spend up to $100 for the rest of the supplies needed to outfit the new hives.  Danny Hart has 3 boxes of Dadant foundation that he will sell to us for $75 for the Junior beekeepers.  We agreed to purchase it.

Our next meeting is MONDAY February 15 instead of Tuesday because there is another program scheduled at the Farm Bureau building.  Motion to adjourn was made by Diane, seconded by Chuck.  We adjourned at 8:10 pm.

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