December 2015 Meeting Minutes

Meeting MinutesWestern Illinois Beekeepers

Minutes – December 15, 2015


Board Meeting:   Pres. Ed. informed us that Jeff Holt of the Review Atlas is going to do a promotional article about WIBA and beekeeping.  The article will come out after Christmas and hopefully will encourage more folks to get into beekeeping and give them our info to help them get involved.   He also brought up the idea of us sending a thank you card and check to the Warren/Henderson Farm Bureau for allowing us to use their building.  They have never charged us any fee for having our meetings here and we have never really thanked them.  Diane moved that we send them a card and a check for $100 for them to use for their outreach programs.  Donnie Darnell seconded.  Motion passed.  Bob Frey told us that Wilbanks will only have Italian bees and they will cost around $115.00


Full Meeting:

President’s Report:  We have a new member named Rhonda Klein.  Rhonda is from Macomb.  Welcome Rhonda!  Pres. Ed presided over the election of officers.  Motion to approve the slate was made by Chuck Boydstun, seconded by Rick Camp.  Motion passed.  New Officers are:  President – Ron Arteaga; VP – Bill Mc Donald; Treasurer – Mike Kraynak; Secretary – Diane Kroll.  As per our constitution, the new president will appoint the directors.  If you are interested in serving as a director, please let Ron know.  

Treasurer’s Report:  Our current balance is $3,845.03.  Mike shared the Board’s decision to give $100 to the Farm Bureau; members supported the decision.   Membership dues for an individual are:  $20 total; $10 for WIBA and $10 to the American Beekeepers Assoc.  for the American Bee Journal.  Family dues are $30; only one member of the family may vote.

Secretary’s Report: Diane will pass around a roster once people have paid their dues.  After corrections are made it will go out via email to members.

Old Business:  Gabe Dadant will be our speaker in January.  He will talk about bee nutrition.  In February, Bee Inspector Susan Kivikko will be our speaker. Bill McDonald will talk about Driftwatch in March.

We discussed the spring bee purchase.  Wilbanks can get us early delivery in March.  Hardemens delivered out bees last year.  We were supposed to get them in April but because of weather we didn’t get them until June.  Overall, members were pleased with the quality of the bees even though they were late.  After a long discussion, Betsy Larson moved that we find out how many keepers wanted early bees.  Motion was seconded by Chuck Boydstun.  Motion passed.  Bob Frey is going to call members to see how many folks want early delivery.   We will continue the discussion about the bee order in January.

New Business:  We discussed bee equipment and maintenance.  It was brought up that many of us need practice putting frames together and doing other maintenance and repairs.  We discussed doing some of that at a future meeting.  To encourage better attendance at our meetings, Ron moved that we set aside $30 for each meeting to provide door prizes to be given away.  Bill McDonald seconded the motion.  Motion passed.

ALSO – our February meeting will take place on Monday, February 15 because the building is already being used on Tuesday

Motion to adjourn was made by Chuck Boydstun, seconded by Donnie Darnell.  We adjourned at 8:10 to sample the holiday goodies that folks brought for us to enjoy.  Happy Holidays to all!

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