Constitution & Bylaws

The Western Illinois Beekeepers’ Association bylaws have been added to the website.  Click here to view them: Constitution & Bylaws

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January 2016 Meeting Agenda

Western Illinois Beekeepers Meeting Agenda January 19, 2016   President’s Report Treasurer’s Report Secretary’s Report/ Roster updates Old Business Bee packages Speakers for this year Mentors for new and/or newer bee keepers Outreach to new potential bee keepers   Speaker – Gabe Dadant: Nutrition for Bees New Business For the … Continue reading

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December 2015 Meeting Minutes

Western Illinois Beekeepers Minutes – December 15, 2015   Board Meeting:   Pres. Ed. informed us that Jeff Holt of the Review Atlas is going to do a promotional article about WIBA and beekeeping.  The article will come out after Christmas and hopefully will encourage more folks to get into beekeeping … Continue reading

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