February 2015 Meeting is Tuesday

It is that time again. Our monthly Western Illinois Beekeepers meeting is Tuesday. Meeting Agenda February 17, 2015 I. President’s Report II. Treasurer’s Report III. Secretary’s Report a. Rosters – final correction before distribution b.Non Profit Status – AG 990 IV. Old Business a. Constitution Committee – Volunteers b. Bee … Continue reading

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January 2015 Meeting Minutes

WIBA Board Meeting 1/20/15 President Ed Melvin welcomed the group. The 2015 Officers are: President – Ed Melvin Vice President – Ron Arteaga Treasurer – Mike Kraynak Secretary – Diane Kroll Directors – Donnie Darnell, Bob Frey, Bill Murdock. We need more Directors!   Treasurer Mike Kraynak reported that he … Continue reading

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