Western Illinois Beekeepers April Meeting Reminder – Guest Speaker Susan Kivikko

It is that time again.  Our monthly Western Illinois Beekeepers meeting is tonight (Tuesday). Please note the **NEW** different location – The old location.  If you do not know where this is please contact us. Items on the agenda: Honey Tasting: We have some honey from Cozumel and Costa Maya … Continue reading

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2014 Package Pickup Day Pictures

Here are some pictures from pickup day.  Thank you for everyone involved. Thanks Mike for the pictures. Related PostsPacked Bees Pickup – Monday April 11th (Apr 8, 2016) 2016 Packed Bee Order Form (Feb 3, 2016) Packaged Bee Updated – We have a date! (May 13, 2015) Packaged Bee Update … Continue reading

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