Packaged Bee Pick up

*** UPDATE 4/4/14 – PICKUP TIME HAS BEEN MOVED TO 12 – 1PM *** Packages will be available for pickup Saturday April 5th starting approximately 12 – 1PM Distribution will take place at: Dexter Farm Equipment 800 Access Road Monmouth Illinois Black and Yellow Balloons will be placed on 6th … Continue reading

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Building a bee waterer

Found this post, I thought it is a pretty simple and easy way to water your bees safely. — We’re still feeding our honeybees, helping them sock away some extra honey to make it through the winter.  I’ve been giving them really strong sugar water (half sugar, half water) to … Continue reading

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March Meeting– Guest Speaker Tim Wilbanks

It is that time again.  Our monthly Western Illinois Beekeepers meeting is this coming Tuesday night. Please note the different location.  If you do not know where this is please contact us. Items on the agenda: Guest Speaker: Tim Wilbanks, owner of Kalona Honey Company, will be our guest speaker … Continue reading

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