Driftwatch.org – Protect Your Hives

If you have bees and do not know what driftwatch.org is you need to know. DriftWatch™ is a tool for identifying specialty crop sites to further enhance communications that promote awareness and stewardship activities between producers of specialty crops and pesticide applicators in Illinois. Managers and owners of commercial specialty … Continue reading

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December 2013 Meeting Reminder

It is that time again.  Our monthly Western Illinois Beekeepers meeting is tomorrow night (Tuesday). Please note the different location.  If you do not know where this is please call.  309-224-4704 Items on the agenda: Swap meet!  If you have items to sell or are looking to get some equipment … Continue reading

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EPA sued over bees

Beekeepers are suing the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) over its approval of a chemical they say kills honey producers. The pesticide sulfoxaflor is “highly toxic” to bees and other insects, the groups say, and could be contributing to broader declines of bee populations around the world. “This case is really … Continue reading

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