Meeting Agenda January 17, 2017

Western Illinois Beekeepers
Meeting Agenda January 17, 2017

President’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Secretary’s Report/ Roster updates

Old Business

Bee packages

Recruit for Junior Beekeepers program

Mentors for new and/or newer bee keepers

Outreach to new potential bee keepers/ members

New Business

For the good of the Cause

The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunlight…

– Thoreau

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Meeting Minutes December 20, 2016

Western IL Beekeepers Meeting

Minutes December 20, 2016


Elections:  The first order of business was to elect new officers for 2017.  Ron graciously offered to serve another term as president.  Herb made the motion; Diane seconded it.  Motion passed.  Diane nominated Rick Camp to be vice president; Mike seconded motion passed.

The slate of officers for 2017 is:

President – Ron Arteaga

Vice President – Rick Camp

Treasurer – Mike Kraynak

Beginning Balance 11/15/16:                       $ 4,663.59
Deposit Dues and ABJ 11/16/16:                $    465.50
Check # 1049  – ABJ                                   $ (  175.50)
Check # 1050 – Hardeman’s Deposit        $  (4,093.13)
Balance                $      860.46

Thanks much to  Mike who has kept such good track of our funds.  This is the
first year that the income from dues was enough to pay for the deposit for
our bees.  Let’s keep up the good work and continue to increase our

Secretary – Diane Kroll

Becky moved to accept the slate; Mike seconded.  Motion passed

Ron asked that anyone interested in being a Director to please contact him.  We need 4 Directors on the board.


Bee Orders: Ron found out the cost of bees from Dadant – $130/package for Italians.  If we have a big enough order they will come down to $120.

We discussed how many packages we might need.  Last year we ordered 150 packages and that was too many.  We decided to order 100 packages and to go with Hardeman again.  The cost of Italians is $100/package and Russians are $105/package.  We will order 15 Russian and 15 Italian queens.  Queens are $25 for Italians and $28 for Russians. We may be able to get Carniolans later in the spring; many keepers requeen in May.  CF Conan and Ebert’s both sell queens from California.

Membership:  Mike discussed the cost of membership.  We are keeping membership the same again this year:  $20 for individuals and $30 for a family.  The cost of membership in the Illinois Beekeepers Assoc. is included in our membership fee.  However – the cost of the American Beekeepers Journal is going up.  If we get the order in before January 1 the cost will remain the same but there will be an increase from $21.00/ year to $23.80 per year.  If you order a three year subscription you can save more:  $56.25 is the current price and after the first of the year it will rise to $ 63.75.  ORDER EARLY, FOLKS!!!

We also reminded everyone that you must be a member of the Western IL Beekeepers to order bees.

Adjourn:  Since we had no more business; and we were tempted by all of the food that folks brought to share, we adjourned celebrated another great year.  Motion was made by Ed and seconded by Mike.  LET’S  EAT!!!

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2017 Packaged Bee Order Form

2017 Packaged Bee Order Form – Please click to download

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2017 Membership Form

2017 Membership Form – Please click to download

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Meeting Agenda Tuesday December 20, 2016

Western Illinois Beekeepers

Meeting Agenda Tuesday December 20, 2016


It will be our holiday party – please bring a snack to share.  There are only a couple of items on the agenda:


  1. Bee order
  2. Officer elections
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Meeting Minutes November 15, 2016

Western IL Beekeepers Meeting

Minutes November 15, 2016


Our exalted leader was not with us; so there was no Executive Board meeting and no president’s report.

Treasurer’s Report:  We have $4,663.59 in our treasury.   Mike reminded us that dues are due by the end of December

Secretary’s Report:  Let Diane know if you have any updates on your email or other information.

Old Business: The price of bees has gone up.  We decided to continue with Hardeman because we have had a good relationship with them.  Dadant gave us a price of $110.00; we will know how much Hardeman will charge by our next meeting.  We ordered too many packages last year and we discussed cutting our order.  We will take a count in December and then decide how many packages to get.

We asked Lily to talk to her friends about the junior beekeeping program.  We will start to recruit new keepers after the holidays.

Officers for Next Year:  Mike is going to find out if Bill wants to serve as president next year.  If not, we need to find another person to serve.  Diane and Mike will continue as Secretary and Treasurer.

New Business:  Reminder that our December meeting is a holiday get together.  Please bring a snack or something to share.  The club will provide plates, napkins, etc.

For the Good of the Cause:  You can control hive beetles by putting a Swiffer pad on top of the frames – in the corner of the top hive body. The bees will force the beetles up toward the pad where they will get stuck.  Take the pad out and kill the beetles.

Someone asked about checking for Foulbrood.  The hive will have a terrible smell.  Put a toothpick in brood cell.  Pull it out.  If it is Foulbrood the toothpick will show slimy and stringy.

You can open the hive on a warmer day – but it cannot be windy. You can tell which bees will not survive the winter because they look old – have no hair and are darker in color.  We will see a bit more decline in the next weeks.   The younger bees will go through the winter.

Start feeding your bees fondant and bee patties.  Generally the bees are in the upper hive body now.  Someone asked if they should rotate their hive bodies.  The answer is  NO!!  

Betsy moved to adjourn; Diane seconded.  We adjourned at 7:40pm




  • Elections
  • Bee Order
  • Holiday Fun!



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Meeting Agenda Tuesday November 15, 2016

Western Illinois Beekeepers
Meeting Agenda  Tuesday  November 15, 2016

President’s Report

Treasurer’s Report

Secretary’s Report/ Roster updates

Old Business
A. Bee order for 2017

B. Officers for next year

New Business

A. Holiday meeting in December

6. For the good of the Cause

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Meeting Minutes October 18, 2016

Western IL Beekeepers Meeting

Minutes October 18, 2016


Exec. Board Meeting

Pres. Ron called the meeting to order.  We discussed the rumor that Canton was spraying for the Zika Virus and the possible affect on bees in that area.  We were not able to confirm the report.  We also discussed the upcoming bee purchase for our club.  We did have some problems with Hardeman’s but we have a good relationship with them.  They also give us a very good price.  At the November meeting we will take a count to see how big our order will be.  We purchased too many last year and we don’t want to be in that situation again.

We also discussed officers for next year.  VP  Bill has a new job and just got married.  Ron will follow up with him

Full  Board Meeting

President Ron opened the meeting by congratulating us for the 5th year of the WIBA.  Let’s keep going strong! We discussed officers for next year.  Anyone interested in an office should contact a current officer

Treasurer’s report –  We have $4,663.59 in our treasury.  Our association dues will be the same as last year and are due by January

Secretary report – Diane made 3 mistakes in the minutes for September!  I will get my head in the game and do better!

Old Business – Hardeman will publish prices in late November.  We will take count at the December meeting and place our order

We discussed the Junior Beekeeper program and amended the list of counties where we will recruit jr. keepers.  We removed Henry County from the list, leaving the list of counties as:: Henderson, Mercer, Knox, Fulton and McDonough.  Motion was made by Betsy and seconded by Becky.  The motion passed.  Becky reported that Junior Keeper Lily is doing well and managing her hive by herself.  She has gained confidence and knowledge.  Great job, Lily!

New Business

FEED YOUR BEES!!  There is little food out there for the bees and many have started to eat their stored honey early.  The rain we  had this summer washed much of the nectar and pollen away so we need to start feeding and continue to feed through the winter.

Other winter chores: Last mite treatments should be done now; Make sure the bees have enough food.  When winter hits they will need fondant, bee patties or other supplements. Make sure you put in your entrance reducers and mouse guards.  When taking off supers/used frames be sure to put your frames in the freezer for 24 hours to kill any wax moth larvae.  After taking them out of the freezer, store them with Paradichlorobenzene (PDB) flakes (NOT regular moth balls!) flakes on a paper plate to prevent any  infestation

Hive beetles can be another problem for bee hives.  Nematodes are microscopic roundworms found living naturally in most soils.  They can be used to keep hive beetles from infesting a hive. Beneficial nematodes are used by applying them to the soil while suspended in water. They may be applied as a pressurized spray or simply poured from a watering can.  This will prevent hive beetles from getting into the hive.  You can purchase nematodes from a variety of sources online.

For the good of the cause

We briefly discussed solar melters to melt wax to harvest wax from the frames.  Meeting was adjourned at 8:10.  Motion made by Becky and seconded by Betsy.

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Meeting Agenda Tuesday October 18, 2016

meeting_roomWestern Illinois Beekeepers
Meeting Agenda Tuesday October 18, 2016

1. President’s Report
2. Treasurer’s Report
3. Secretary’s Report/ Roster updates
4. Old Business

A. Bee order for 2017
B. Junior beekeeping program

5. New Business

A. Preparing your hives for winter

6. For the good of the Cause

The Bee Boy’s Song by Rudyard Kipling
Bees! Bees! Hark to your bees!
‘Hide from your neighbours as much as you please, But
all that has happened, to us you must tell,
Or else we will give you no honey to sell!’

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Meeting Minutes September 20, 2016

Meeting MinutesWestern IL Beekeepers Meeting

Minutes September 20, 2016


We did not have a Board Meeting.


No president’s report as Ron was busy “walking his daughter down the aisle”! Congratulations Ron and Jan!


Treasurer’s Report:  We have $4,663.59 in the treasury.


Secretary’s Report:  Our membership roster is up to date


Old Business:  Junior Bee Keeping Program –  One of the junior keepers has lost her hive but will try again next year.  Anne will contact the junior keeper who did a 4-H project on her bees.  We also discussed the process of selecting junior keepers for next year and came up with the following guidelines:

  1. Applicants must be at least 10 years old
  2. The applicants can be from Knox, Warren, and Henry counties.
  3. Applicants must submit an essay to the club to tell why they want a bee hive
  4. Once selected the Jr. Keepers must sign an agreement which includes:
  5. Jr. Keepers must attend at least 2 meetings per year to let us know how they are doing.


The WIB will ensure the following:

  1. We will appoint one person as “Chief Mentor” to the Jr. Beekeeping program
  2. Each Jr. Keeper will be assigned an individual mentor who will be available for advice support and help in handling their hive and harvesting their honey.


New Business: Mike Kraynak talked about the Monarch Butterfly program that was held at Lake Storey.  He estimated that there were between 400-500 people who attended. Mike did a table display about beekeeping and there were many people interested in keeping bees.  We discussed the club having a table set up next year with a banner and an educational display and materials.  We need to get a WIB banner!


Rick Camp gave a demonstration about how to test for varroa mites. He takes ½ cup of bees (dead) and puts them in a jar with 2 Tbsp. of powder sugar.  Shake them and count the mites that come off of them.  If the mite to bee ratio is high; treat for varroa.


We also discussed the honey harvest.  Many keepers didn’t get any honey or had very little.  Keepers who processed earlier in the summer did pretty well.  It seems the bees started eating honey earlier this year.  Some thought it was because there was so much rain that there has been less nectar for the bees to eat.  Goldenrod is on now, but we are at the end of the season for food gathering.  Keepers should be feeding their bees now.


FINALLY, HONEY TASTING!!  Lots of keepers brought their honey and we sure enjoyed it.  One of Mike Kraynak’s offerings was a dark, luscious berry honey.  We had darker honey, lighter honey – but one thing was sure –  all of it was DELISH!


Our next meeting is Tuesday, October 18, 2016


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